Consumer Behavior Impacts Marketing 

Digital marketing continues to hold importance in a marketing mix. With consumer behavior shifting from in-person engagement to a virtual sales model, a marketing mix needs to adjust as well. Historically, when someone says “digital marketing” thoughts often go immediately to social media. While social media is an important engagement tool for any business or service, it isn’t the only tool. With COVID changing consumer behavior, businesses will start to see how a thoughtful email campaign has a greater impact on customer engagement.

Engage with Email Marketing

Email marketing offers an opportunity for businesses to customize content directly to the client. One email campaign can have numerous variations that offer different messages for client-types. Third-party platforms can integrate with mailing lists and some CRM systems. Bounced emails or un-subscribers can be managed right in the mail tool and editorial topics and content creation can be completed months in advance.

With analytics, it’s possible to track open rates and customer interactions, and then retarget those customers based on their actions when reading your email. How does this work exactly? Let’s go with a retail store example: I’m having a promotion on a specific product and send an email to all my clients. Third-party email providers allow me to track which customers took an action based on the topics in the email. I can then retarget this group with specifics about this product and keep them up-to-date on promotions. Analytics in email marketing allow us easily follow customers behaviors and provide insight to customize messages based on your customers actions.Email Marketing

Email marketing is an economical way to stay relevant with your customers. Most email campaign costs are directly related to the size of the mailing list and only require minimal expertise to set up. Creating content that engages your customers can be more of a challenge, but watching the analytics will help to understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted.




Keep in mind, email marketing should be one element in a robust digital campaign. There are a lot of digital marketing tools out there that work really well depending on your product or service. When deciding what piece goes into your overall marketing mix, think about your demographics and your customers interests. Email marketing should be something each business embraces for personalized client communication.