What is marketing momentum and why is it important?

Marketing momentum refers to the idea that you can keep customers coming back with less and less force. For example, if you have a promotion that’s successful and results in referrals and new clients or customers, the frequency in which you need to do promotions can be less. This is important because it creates and sets the foundation for your business.

Whether you are working off a detailed marketing plan or have never marketed your product before in your life, these steps are still relevant.

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Step 1: Start a Conversation

Think about your standard client-type. How does this client like to receive information? Do you have an older demographic that prefers snail mail? Or is your client-type more likely to engage with an email? Decide which medium is best for communication with your audience and start a conversation. The topic needs to be relevant, organic and time sensitive.

For instance, if I owned a pet supply store, I might send an email newsletter out about deadly bird salmonellosis. I may include tips and tricks for keeping feeders clean once the restriction to outdoor bird feeders is lifted. To make the conversation well-rounded and relevant, I would include links to the actual news story and links to cleaning products on your website that are bird-safe.

Step 2: Create an Offer That Encourages ACTION

In the example above, we started a conversation with customers to let them know there was something going on that was relevant to their everyday life. Reaching out to these same customers once the ban is lifted with an offer on bird-related products with access to bird-feeder cleaning instructions is an actionable offer. Now that the ban is lifted, we can feed the wild birds.

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Step 3: Engage with Customers Using Different Marketing Mediums

In Step 1, we made an educated assumption based on the knowledge we had about our customers. Consumer behavior is ever-changing and utilizing all methods of reach is important when you create an actionable offer. Depending on your budget, all different types of communication is recommended whether it be social media, Google Geotargeting ads, snail mail, etc. Keep the momentum going by reaching your customers wherever they are in that moment.


As a consumer, we make purchasing decisions based on price and overall quality. As a marketer, I know it’s possible to position a brand in such a way that consumers perceive a level of product excellence. Keeping your product or service in front of your demographic is key to maintaining that connection. In our pet supply store example, our brand is now positioned to be perceived as “animal safe” or “animal conscious”. We did not explicitly say that in the text, but we alluded to that in our efforts to keep wild birds from dying of salmonellosis.

In our fictitious example, we created marketing momentum by starting a conversation with our customers, creating a valuable offer and retargeting our customers in different ways. If this is something you want to implement for your business but don’t know where to start, contact us today!