MVO Resources

social media management, Marketing Plan, competitive analysis, content creation, ghost writing for blog, SEO, WordPress design, website content management

Project Decription

When MVO Resources contracted with Kudos Marketing it was to enhance (and clean up) their already established brand and website. Reviewing MVO Resource’s online presence, it was apparent there had been investment to create and maintain a ‘presence’, but they didn’t have a strong voice to elevate them as an industry leader. Knowing that the goal of the company was to grow, we need to broaden that ‘voice’ and make sure we’re consistent with our message across multiple platforms to heighten credibility in the industry.

We created a three-part plan to reach their goals that included: 1. a competitive analysis 2. Developed consistent messaging and value statements and, 3. Using findings from #1 and #2, the website and social media accounts were updated accordingly. We successful used their existing platforms on WordPress and social media and re designed all the elements to match their growing brand.