Jack & Adeline

Branding, content creation, marketing strategy, print collateral, public relations, website design , social media strategy

Project Decription

Owners Paul and Leanne reached out to Kudos as their business started to grow. Originally founded as a company producing custom wood cutting boards and later custom furniture, Jack and Adeline hired Kudos to help refine the next phase of their business plan.

First, we hired a professional designer to ‘clean up’ their self-made logo and create different sizing for different uses. We designed business cards and help with collateral for their first shop they opened in the Point Ruston Market.

Kudos helped shape their brand through styling a photoshoot and drafting copy to explain the who and what of Jack and Adeline. There’s a rich tale of love, heritage, and home that aligns with the brand and we were thrilled to help them shape that story. 

We conducted a digital marketing analysis to help them understand the opportunities with social media, and which hashtags to target specifically on Instagram, and how to make the most of their Etsy storefront.

As their custom woodworking business took off, so did their need to move to the next phase: the bakery. Leanne always had a fondness for creating a scene with food and home goods that centered around the dining table. With Kudos help, we launched an online bakery order form that linked to their storefront at the Market.

Kudos loves supporting small business with economical marketing solutions to build on their success.

What They Say

"Alaina has been instrumental in helping our family business establish it's online presence. She has always been professional, insightful and creative when working with us on honing our brand and messaging. We appreciate her partnership immensely!"