Graves & Associates

Branding Brand Workshop, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Print Collateral, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Website Design

Project Decription

When I first started working with Graves+ they were named Jon Graves Architects. As the owner, Jon Graves, was planning for retirement they needed to be known as more than just “Jon Graves”, our strategy sessions resulted in the new name of “Graves + Associates”.

Upon completion of the strategy, we worked with content writers to really define who Graves+ was in the written word. Selecting an architect is personal; often customers want to understand the culture of the company they are entering into a partnership with. Using those newly formed descriptors, we partnered with Left Corner Design to complete the visual brand elements.

Kudos Marketing Services has a long-standing relationship with Graves+ as they continue to grow and evolve. We were lucky to be involved in their website development many years ago, along with implementing and introducing their new brand to longtime clients. We launched their social media platforms and delivered a strategy they could easily manage in house.

The Kudos team is proud of the work we completed with Graves + Associates and is an excellent example of a full corporate rebrand.